Angel Ortiz aka  LA2/LAROC

LA2/LAROC is the tag of a graffiti extraordinaire from the Lower East Side of New York City.  His tags can be found all around the city and are  always a part of his creations.

In his early teens, LA2 befriended up- and- coming artist, Keith Haring, who was attending  The School of Visual Arts in NYC,  but he was not a graffiti artist himself.   

In the 80's, there were many popular graffiti artist from coast coast.  However, Haring felt that LA2 displayed the most impressive and promising of tags.  Interpreting his thick intermingling contours as completely original homage to ancient eastern calligraphy, Haring was determined to find the person behind the tag.  So he did, and it was as if they had known each other for years.   After meeting LA2, Haring's career took off.  With his characters and LA2's styles,  graffiti was now accepted in galleries and museums around the world.  LA2  collaborated constantly with  Haring for over six years a nd were  Influential to each other.  They created on found objects such as, canvases, sculptures, vases and walls. LA2  has also collaborated with other accomplished artists such as, Richard Hambleton, Alexander Calder,  Kenny Scharf, Stik, and Mark Kostabi.  He was also friends with Andy Warhol, Jean Michel-Basquiat.  

LA2 continues to exhibit his work around the world and lives in NYC where he has his gallery.


1982 - Tony Shafrazi Gallery, NYC, with Keith Haring 

1983 - Fun Gallery, NYC, with Keith Haring

Gallery Watari, Tokyo, Japan, with Keith Haring.

Robert Fraser Gallery London, United Kingdom, with Keith Haring.

Painted showroom , Fiorucci, Milan, Italy, with Keith Haring.

Painted at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. With Keith Haring

1984 - Salvatore Ala Gallery, Milan, Italy, with Keith Haring

1990 - Future Primeval Queens Museum, Flushing Meadows.  With Keith Haring

University Galleries, Illinois State University, Normal Illinois, with Keith Haring.

Tampa Museum of The Arts,  with Keith Haring

2001 - 

Rolling Gallery, NYC

Jeffrey Deitch, NYC, traveling exhibition with Keith Haring  

2002 - Pino Pascali Museum, Polignano A Mare, Italy. 

Outlaw Museum - group show

 Ketting Factory, Los Angeles       


2003 -LA2 and Keith Haring, Deu Amici. 

2004 - Scope Art Fair, Los Angeles, CA

2005 - Galleria Leonardo Gallery, Bolzano, Italy

2006 - Tony Shafrazi Gallery, with Keith Haring.

Kunstart of Arte Bolzano, Italy

Art Verona of Verona Italy

Arti Padona o6, Padova Italy Bresvia, Italy

Contemporanea - Fiera di Forii, Forili, Italy.

Galleria D' Arte Quadreria San Dona di Piave

2007 - Kunstart 07, Bolzano Italy

Bergamo Arte Fiera, Italy

2008 - SWAB Barcelona Int. Contemporary Art Fair

Bergamo Arte Fiera, Italy.

2009 - Folling Gallery, NYC 

Woodward Gallery, NYC

Bentley Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

2011 - Dorian Gray Gallery, NYC

Gallery 69, NYC

The Beirut International Graffiti Art Show.

Art Basel, Miami Beach Fl.

2012 - Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation - Motorcycle exhibit with Keith Haring

The Armory

The MOCA - California Graffiti Group Show.

Dorian Gray Gallery, group show

Sacred Gallery - group show

Woodward Gallery, group show with Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, Alexander Calder, Richard Hambleton

Sacred Gallery - group show

2012 - 2013 -  Time Capsule, Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University

2013 - Lawrence Fine Arts - solo

Leila Heller Gallery  - Calligraffiti 1984-2013 - group show

Leila Heller Gallery - solo show

2014 - The Martin Wong Collection "City as Canvas" Museum of the city of New York,  traveling group show. 

Les Musee Di Villa de Paris, with Keith Haring. "The Political Line" Traveling show  

Art Basel - Dorian Gray

2015 - "The Political Line"  Fine Art Museum of San Fransisco  

2015 - Boston Art Fair

Marriott's Corporate Offices guess speaker.

2016 - Banksy and Company - "City as Canvas" traveling group show