About Me

My Background

My name is Angel Ortiz.  My street tag is LA2/LAROC.  I'm a Puerto Rican artist,  born on December 30th, 1966.  From the age of eight years old, I was tagging on schools desks and chairs.  When I was ten my mother enrolled me in the Boys Club of New York.  There, I met other boys that invited me to tag on  street walls and use them as our canvases.   

Before I knew, my tags were all over the street walls. I was king of buses and sanitation trucks. 

If you'd like to learn more on how Keith Haring and I met and became collaborators,   click on my Biography.

My Medium

Oil markers and oil paint are my medium preferences.   I especially like to create on smooth surfaces,  such as canvases, sculptures and vases, because I believe you can create in just about anything.   Whatever gives me inspiration!

My Inspiration

I express my emotions of love through my art in order to inspire kindness  and  lots of hugs.